Accutane a remedy for puberty acne

Every one of us wants to have a good appearance. The world is now running behind good appearance and body. People with acne or not so good features are pulled down even if they have the talent. This is because appearance has become the key factor in almost all the industries. People give importance to appearance and not to the heart or soul. When it comes to appearance, it also includes the skin texture, clothes, hairdo etc. Skin texture plays an important part here since face is the index of the mind. The first impression that a person sees is the face that is how the person is judged today. Acne is the one which puts the texture of skin down. Acne is a skin disease that mostly occurs to all. It occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. It affects areas with high oil glands like the face, back and upper chest. It is characterized by whiteheads or black heads, oil skin, pimples and scarring at times. It usually starts during puberty in males and females and affects an estimate 80-90% of the teenagers worldwide. Genetics is the major reason for acne but other reasons include, smoking, cleanliness nor exposure to sunlight appear to play a part. There are many treatment options for acne which includes following healthy food habits, medications, medicinal treatments etc. Antibiotics and retinols are available which can be directly applied and consumed for the treatment of acne.


Out of many medications prescribed for acne, Accutane is the most popular among people. It is developed for cystic acne. It belongs to a class of drugs called the retinols. The drug mainly acts to decrease the sebum production in the face. This is because, sebum is the natural oil in the skin. This when secreted more than the what the skin requires, can cause severe acne which in turn causes permanent scarring leaving the skin texture damaged completely. One can buy online accutane one to see faster results.

Side effects

Any medication will have side effects apart from the function it was developed for. Some of the side effects of Accutane are dry mouth, crusty skin, minor swelling of the eyelids and lips, thinning of hair may occur, nosebleeds, upset stomach etc. Doctors prescribe it because of their effect on acne and hence buy online accutane one and get a flawless skin.
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