Chronic kidney disease

Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

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Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease -Which You Need to Know!

Chronic kidney disease is a serious condition that, if left untreated, will lead to death. It
is essential to understand the causes of chronic kidney disease so you can take steps
to prevent or treat it.

Causes of chronic kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and
high cholesterol levels. It can also be caused by inherited problems with the kidneys,
repeated bladder infections, autoimmune conditions like lupus or scleroderma, and
years of taking certain medications.

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is most common in older people because as we age our kidneys lose their filtering function. However age isn’t the only risk factor for developing this condition! Here are six other possible causes of chronic kidney disease that you need to know about.

Diabetes is one of the most common causes of chronic kidney disease. People with
diabetes are at a higher risk for developing kidney disease because the glucose builds
up in the blood, damaging tissue and causing cells to die. This can cause high blood
pressure, which damages your kidneys even more.

High blood pressure
High blood pressure is a leading cause of chronic kidney disease. When the amount of
blood and fluid in the body increases, it puts stress on the kidneys. High blood pressure
can damage the kidneys’ tiny filtering units which make only a limited number of new
filtration units each day. It can also lead to narrowing or blockages in other parts of the
body that are important for kidney health.

Obesity is a risk factor for chronic kidney disease. Approximately 50% of people with
chronic kidney disease are obese or overweight. Obesity can cause high blood
pressure and diabetes, two major risk factors for chronic kidney disease.

Causes of chronic kidney disease – High cholesterol levels
High cholesterol is a major risk factor for chronic kidney disease. One in three people
with kidney disease also has high cholesterol levels. It is important to keep your
cholesterol levels under control because when they are too high it can lead to
atherosclerosis (a buildup of plaque in the arteries). This can cause serious
complications like coronary artery disease, heart attack, and stroke.

Inherited problems with the kidneys
The inherited problems with the kidneys are one of the most common causes of
chronic kidney disease. It is passed down through family bloodlines, and it can show up
in children or grandchildren of someone who has chronic kidney disease. Because
many people don’t know they have this condition until it’s too late, make sure you are
tested if you are part of a family history with this problem!

Repeated bladder infections, autoimmune conditions like lupus or
scleroderma, and years of taking certain medications.
Repeated bladder infections, autoimmune conditions like lupus or scleroderma, and
years of taking certain medications are all causes of chronic kidney disease. Repeated
bladder infections are often the result of an underlying urinary tract infection, which is
why it is important to get regular check-ups for your kidneys if you have a history of
recurrent bladder infections.

Autoimmune conditions like lupus or scleroderma also tend to cause chronic kidney disease because the immune system attacks the kidney instead of foreign substances. Years of taking certain medications can also lead to chronic kidney disease .if they are taken in high doses over a long period of time. Some examples include antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, or drugs for lowering

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