Must have computer accessories for Gaming in India

Must have computer accessories for Gaming in India


After a long day, PC gaming is a great way to unwind, connect with friends online, and appreciate a fast-paced interactive art form. However, to get the most out of the experience, you’ll need to invest in a couple of the top gaming accessories. Yes, you can play games with the mouse and keyboard you use at work, but they aren’t always ergonomically built. You Must have computer accessories for Gaming.

Meanwhile, Bluetooth gaming devices are excellent if you want to keep your desk tidy, but they bring latency (lag), which is undetectable when surfing the web but can be the difference between (virtual) life and death.

Moreover, gaming accessories enable you to personalize various aspects, particularly lighting, to add ambiance and enjoyment to the experience.

The world of computer accessories is vast, but We have come up with these cool gadgets for hardcore gamers. If you play games on a PC or laptop, don’t just play the game, experience that game well. And in this blog, we will discuss the top 5 Gadgets. So let’s see what gadgets are on this list.

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If you don’t have any time to read this full article. Then I choose the Best product from this computer accessories for Gaming.

Even if you have everything, you can’t do good gaming without a good gaming keyboard. So this keyboard is in my opinion the most important for gaming.

This Motospeed CK888 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the best because this keyboard has Blue Switches. These Blue Switches take less force than all other keyboards to register. This keyboard is also good for typing.

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Must have computer accessories for Gaming in India

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Now We will discuss computer accessories for Gaming in India in Details.

Must have computer accessories for Gaming:-

1. Motospeed CK888:-

We all know how important a Gaming keyboard is for a good gaming machine and gaming experience. So the first gadget is Motospeed CK888 mechanical gaming keyboard. And first of all, I would recommend it to you for a good gaming experience.

Must have computer accessories for Gaming in India

On this keyboard, we get to see the blue switch. So the key is easily registered while playing the game. The length of the cable is almost 2m and very durable.

Must have computer accessories for Gaming in India

The best thing about this keyboard is its RGB effect. There are many types of RGB effects. You can also change the RGB effects to your liking. You can also change the brightness and pattern of your RGB light, which is very nice to see.

Must have computer accessories for Gaming in India

So whether you play FIFA or PUBG, this keyboard is perfect for you, if you need a good mechanical keyboard. I would like to say one thing here, the blue switch can be seen on this keyboard, so the sound of the keypress will come. It’s all a drawback of the blue switch. This is my No.1 recommended computer accessories for Gaming. I have made a guide from where you can choose a perfect mechanical gaming keyboard. If you are interested then you can read this post. Click Here

Pros of  Motospeed CK888:-

  • Blue Switches are available.
  • Three-zone dynamic RGB backlight.
  • Anti ghost Technology.
  • Durable USB cable.

Cons of  Motospeed CK888:-

  • Blue switches are used in this Keyboard. But, for gaming Red switches are useful than Blue switches.

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2. Motospeed Gaming Mouse:-

Today’s 2nd gadget will help you to shoot a perfect and smooth headshot, that is Motospeed Gaming Mouse. You will see the very good cable in this mouse.

USB cable can be seen in this mouse. Motospeed Gaming Mouse’s USB cable is very durable.

With this, You will see 4 types of DPS settings, which you can change in 1 click. There are 4 types of DPS settings cycle with a single click on the mouse.

In this mouse, you can see the left, right button and back, forward button with 4 different DPS settings. Back and forward buttons are next to left thumb support, which allows you to toggle different weapons in the game. This is my No.2 recommended computer accessories for Gaming.

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Pros of  Motospeed Gaming Mouse:-

  • 6 Buttons to control your character movements smoothly.
  • Advanced PMW 3320 optical gaming sensor.
  • 4 types of DPS settings.
  • 1 click DPS cycle.
  • Durable USB cable.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • 2 years warranty.

Cons of  Motospeed Gaming Mouse:-

  • The Cable Quality needed to be a little better according to the price.

3.7.1 Gaming Headphone:-

This 7.1 Gaming Headphone is very good to see. A good aspect of this headphone is that you can use it everywhere with a PC, Phone, and Xbox, PS4. Sound quality and very good. The sound you will hear is very clear. Noise cancelation and very good and with it you will get 7.1 surrounding sound. Which will take your gaming experience to the next level. But this headphone is a little heavy.

You will see a 50mm neo dynamic driver in this headphone. This driver will give you a good audio experience in all PUBG or Counter Strick games. With this, the surrounding audio of these headphones will take your gaming experience to another level.

The most attractive aspect of this headphone is its lighting, which looks very cool.
The RGB lighting is very important for gamers because this RGB lighting effect gives gamers a different experience. And on this list, you will get everything. This is my No.3 recommended computer accessories for Gaming.

Pros of  7.1 Gaming Headphone:-

  • Very Comfortable for Gaming or Normal Uses.
  • Noise Reduction
  • Very Crystal Clear Sound
  • 50mm neo dynamic driver
  • RGB Light effect
  • Compatible with PC, Phone, and Xbox, PS4

Cons of  7.1 Gaming Headphone:-

  • The weight of this 7.1 Gaming Headphone is heavy

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4. Multi-USB Hub:-

In this USB Hub, You will see Mouse Bungee with USB ports. If you don’t know what Mouse Bungee is, let me tell you, Mouse Bungee handles the extra wire of the mouse. And while playing games without mouse bungee, your mouse will wrap itself in its own wire and eliminate you from the game. So Mouse Bungee will give your mouse free movement.

With this, you can see 3 USB ports in this USB hub. If you want the perfect headshot then this gadget is for you. And with this now only 1 USB3 port can be seen in many laptops, with the help of this gadget you can easily make 3 USB port and SD Card port. Fast Charging Port up to 5V/2A 4-ports USB 3.0 hub,1 micro usb power input port, and 1 USB3.0 data cable to connect the hub with a USB device such as a computer, laptop. I think you Must have computer accessories for Gaming. And its price will be very low if you buy from this link. Click Here

Pros of  Multi-USB Hub:-

  • HighSpeed Data Transmission.
  • Free Mouse Movement.
  • 4-ports USB 3.0 hub,1 Micro USB power input port

Cons of  Multi-USB Hub:-

  • In my opinion, the design must be improved.

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5. Mousepad with RGB Light:-

So the last thing that gamers need is this large mousepad. This mousepad will enhance the beauty of all your other gadgets. Basically, you need a good mousepad while playing the game, and this mousepad is so big that it can cover your whole table or desk.

The better thing is that this mousepad comes in RGB Light effects. You will see 4 LED spectrum modes in this Mousepad. The whole gaming setup can be easily kept on this mousepad. One of the pulse points of this mousepad is anti-slip. So you will not eat any gadget slip and with it, you will get a good grip on the mouse. If you are a real gamer then I would definitely recommend this useful mousepad. This is my No.5 recommended computer accessories for Gaming. For Special Discount Click Here.

I hope you like this article about the Must have computer accessories for Gaming in India. If this article helps you then share this article on social media. & Thanks for your Support.

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