Fully Describe the Word Sensory Overload in India 2020

Fully Describe the Word Sensory Overload in India 2020

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Fully Describe the Word Sensory Overload in India 2020

Hey everybody today we’re gonna talk about sensory processing disorder or Sensory overload disorder, what is it, and how do we treat it. But, before we jump into that are you new to my website welcome, make sure that you share this post. I don’t want you to miss out but let’s jump into today’s topic, now sensory processing disorder is not something that’s currently recognized as a medical or mental health condition on its own.

Overview of Sensory Overload Disorder:-

We won’t find it in the DSM or any other diagnostic manuals sensory process or sensory integration is the way, in which our central nervous system of the body receives messages from the senses and uses that information to act in an appropriate motor or behavioral response. Therefore Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) which has also been called Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Sensory Overload Disorder.

It is a condition in which the sensory signals, so all those signals that were received by our central nervous system do not become organized into an appropriate response and I just want to take a minute to make sure that you understand that.

So we’re constantly bombarded with signals that we take in through all five senses right and our central nervous system organizes those so that we can respond appropriately meaning. If we touch something hot, we jerk our fingers away. We don’t have to think about it, To have that immediate response. However, when we have a sensory overload disorder, we’re not able to do those things that can get confused and sounds and tastes and textures, and everything can be extremely overwhelming.

Fully Describe the Word Sensory Overload in India 2020

Now sensory processing disorder which I’ll now refer to as SPD just for ease of speech may affect. Only one sense like only hearing or it can affect many senses and every person with SPD will react differently and have different intensity of responses to stimuli just like everything everybody’s gonna be different.

This means that some people with SPD will have an overreaction to a stimulus, this could be screaming vomiting throwing a tantrum or people could have an under reaction like not covering your ears when a loud noise goes by like a fire truck or something like that.

We’re not responding to physical touch someone to the zoo and we just don’t even know we don’t even know what to do with that or we taste salty food that’s kind of gross and we just don’t spit it out we’re like whatever. So it can be over or under response not everyone is gonna act the same. While SPD isn’t diagnosable on its own the issues that come along with. It is often therefore attributed to autism spectrum disorder and many professionals just, so you know myself included believe that this does need to change that SPD’s do need to be included in the DSM and other diagnostic manuals.

However, after reading about sensory processing disorders as a whole I could also see a lot of the symptoms being part of Mesa phony a– various phobias PTSD schizophrenia ADHD or even borderline personality disorder, and if you’re curious about any of the diagnoses.

I also think it’s important to note that this isn’t something that’s understood by all healthcare professionals, I wasn’t even trained or taught about this in school at all. So you must find someone who understands and specializes in sensory issues after reading about sensory overload disorder as a whole.

Types of SMD:-

They believe there to be four types of them in the first Sensory Overload Disorder, I want to talk about a sensory modulation disorder(SMD).

Fully Describe the Word Sensory Overload in India 2020

Now, this disorder is characterized by the struggle to regulate our intensity of response to sensory stimuli, so someone with this disorder may hate textures of certain foods or hate having their hair or teeth brushed and all of those things that they cannot stand.

Like all the textures and feelings and stuff like that are not upsetting to most people. The second SPD is sensory discrimination disorder, now this disorder is characterized by difficulty accurately identifying qualities of stimuli meaning that they may use too much or too little force when doing a project.

They could break something and not even realize that they’re using that much strength or that the strength they used is too much they could also struggle to pick an item out of a cluttered background. Like if we had a bunch of stuff scattered on the wall and I told them to grab you know the keys that are hanging on that nail they might not be able to see it and would have a really hard time finding those keys or they could also possibly move too fast or too slow for an activity.

The third Sensory Overload Disorder, I want to talk about is postural ocular disorder. This disorder is characterized by a struggle to manage visual and bodily movements. Four people with this disorder can have a hard time balancing tracking items in their eye line and they can struggle to control their body movements and the amount of strength, that’s needed to complete a task some people.

Even reported that they aren’t able to discern between their dominant and non-dominant hand and the fourth and final SPD. I want to talk about is dyspraxia and this is when people struggle to plan schedule or execute things in a sequence. This can make.

It hard for them to do everything they need to do every day. It can be difficult to move from one task to another and they can even struggle with fine motor coordination as for the causes of SPD. We don’t know they’ve linked it to hypersensitivity to light and they also know that there’s a genetic link. But more research needs to be done.

But, now let’s get into the good news cuz there is treatment available and there are things we can do to manage better and the most recommended type of treatment for SPD’s in occupational therapy. Now since I haven’t talked about occupational therapy very much just know, that it’s a type of therapy for those who are recuperating from either a physical or mental illness and it encouraged encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in your daily life.

This means is the occupational therapist will help you better engage in the meaningful activities of your daily life. They’ll meet you where you are emotionally and behaviorally and will help you set goals accordingly.

How we handle SMD or Sensory Overload Disorder?

Now, I know occupational therapy can be difficult to kind of pin down and well daily life there’s a lot, that goes on but they meet you where you’re at. So whatever you’re able to accomplish they’re not gonna work on that. They’re gonna work with you on the things you struggle to do every day, maybe we struggle to set goals and to you know execute something that needs to get done, or maybe we struggle to brush our hair because we hate that feeling. You must always remember that you have to fight this small Sensory Overload Disorder.

They’ll work with you, so you can push through some of that uncomfortability that comes with the sensory processing disorder. So, that you’re able to do everything you need to every day.

Fully Describe the Word Sensory Overload in India 2020

Sensory Overload Disorder effect on Children:-

They also recommend speech and language therapy as well for Sensory Overload Disorder, and they also have talked a lot about certs and that’s SCE RTS and this is a research-based educational model for people on the autism spectrum. Now if the person who is struggling with a sensory overload disorder is a child there’s also a dir method which is a developmental individual difference and relationship-based method, and it uses a lot of floor time as part of its treatment and a lot of people reported that it’s super beneficial.

But the overall goal of all these different types of treatment is sensory integration and this can be done using many various types of therapy. But the goal is to help us to be able to be around stimuli, that used to be upsetting or triggering and feel able to respond properly. Sensory Overload Disorder isn’t a huge problem. You can easily overcome this small problem.

Products which help you to Overcome Sensory Processing Disorder:-

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My whole goal of this Sensory Overload Disorder blog is just to make you aware if you didn’t already know that these disorders do exist and that there is help available. Like I talked about in the past the DSM is not the end-all-be-all and not everything that we struggle with will be noted in a diagnostic manual. But that doesn’t mean, that we should suffer in silence occupational therapy and other treatments I mentioned can and do help.

So reach out to speak up and know that it will get better this Sensory Overload Disorder blog has been brought to you by Nilay Basak. If you would like to support the creation of this mental health blog, share this post with your friends & aware them about sensory processing disorder or Sensory Overload Disorder. That’s for now, see you in the next lesson.



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