7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer

7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer in 2021

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We always research which are the best Laptops or Computers. But you don’t know why pc or computer performance decreases a few days or weeks after buying pc or computer. All computers will inevitably experience slow performance at some point. As software becomes more complex, the way your PC reacts to these changes can have a profound effect on performance. The operating system you have and whether you have chosen to upgrade to Windows 10 can also make a big difference.

So, today we will discuss how you can improve your pc or computer performance or How to speed up your computer. If you follow these tricks, your laptop or computer will speed up by 40%, thus increasing your productivity.

7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer:-

Tip No.1:-

7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer in 2021

When you start a Windows PC/Laptop you get a feature called Power Mode.

Power Mode – There are 3 (Efficiency/Balance/Performance) or more power modes in a laptop. Keep it on Performance Mode, especially when you’ve plugged your charger. Otherwise, you can keep it on Balanced Mode. Else, keep the mode on Performance Mode to get the peak performance.

Most of the time you’ve to wait for apps to open because your system is on Balanced/Non-performance mode where the battery is extended. So keep it on Performance mode & you’ll see the difference. These 7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer works very effectively.

Tip No.2:-

7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer in 2021

Startup Program – If your system is becoming slow while booting up, then check the startup programs. You can delete the ones you don’t need. When installing new software, it often goes into the startup program & amp; keeps running in the background. And it creates a difference in the startup as well as performance. So check your Startup programs & amp; only keep the ones you want.

Tip No.3:-

This is the 3rd tip from all of the rest 7 Tips on How to speed up your computer. Your laptop or computer stores lots of data over the period. So regularly maintain your pc to get the best performance from your pc or computer. Nowadays people have 1TB hard disks, & an amp; your old files keep stacking which creates a difference in performance. And just like Startup programs, check your files as well.

7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer in 2021

Storage Sense – It’s a feature that gives you a dashboard, showing you the old files & its details. And according to your preference, you can delete some files & get more storage space.

Defrag your storage between 3-6 months as, even after deleting/saving the files on the hard drive. The files are still present even if you might not see them, so defragmentation is very important. So that all files are in one place, while read/write/accessing them. And your PC will get faster.

Tip No.4:-

7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer in 2021

Generally in smartphones, we know about updates instantly. But in Windows It’s not that simple, we install the software after getting 2-3 updates. And we’re usually stuck on the older software version. Please don’t do that, do update to the latest version ASAP, it’s really important. If you check now, you might see 20-30 programs with pending updates.

Tip No.4:-

7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer in 2021

Nowadays, you don’t need to use Antivirus/Anti-malware/3rd Party apps.

Windows Defender – It comes built-in If you have a Windows Laptop And don’t install other 3rd party Antivirus apps As they’ll slow down the performance of your Windows laptop/PC. Windows Defender is more than enough for antivirus, anti-malware, etc.

Tip No.5:-

We all use Google Chrome a lot & amp; it is hungry for power resources.

Resource Monitor – You might’ve opened only 1 tab, but if you check the Resource Monitor, you’ll see that Google Chrome eats a lot of resources from your system’s CPU & RAM. So keep control of it or it’s better to switch to another browser.

Tip No.6:-

Many times there are hardware limitations as well if you go to Resource Monitor & if your RAM utilization is 70-90%. Then it’s time to upgrade your RAM. If it’s 8GB then upgrade to 12/16GB, if it’s 4GB upgrade to 8GB or more. For a normal user, I’d say at least 8GB of RAM should be there as 4GB is not enough nowadays.

Windows Customization – Many users customize their desktop with live wallpapers just like smartphones. But it has negative effects on the Resource. So keep your setup clean & minimal to get more performance. If you aren’t using a program, you can uninstall them, they affect your PC’s performance.


Tip No.7:-

This is the 7th tip from all of the rest 7 Tips on How to speed up your computer. Many times we don’t shut down our PCs/laptops & we keep using it without restarting it.

Restart Your PC – Keep a cycle, (i.e In 24 hours you’d turn it on/off). Don’t keep it on forever. Most times people just close the lid while the system keeps running & it makes a difference. So restart & shut down is very important.


1. How to Clean up my Computer or PC and make it faster?

Ans-  Clean unused files or Apps & follow the 7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer from the above. Your computer definitely runs faster than before.

2. How to speed up your computer for free?

Ans- Don’t use free antivirus software. These free software don’t work very well. Just enable windows defender, this is enough for basic work or basic security. If you are using your computer for business purposes, then I will suggest buying premium software is the best option.

3. Does defrag speed up computers?

Ans- Disrupting your computer helps to organize data on your hard drive and can greatly improve its performance, especially with speed. If your computer is slower than usual, it may be due to a defect.

If your computer’s operating system is Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows Vista, it should have an automated authentication feature that works automatically. This feature is enabled by default, so you do not need to do anything extra to compromise your computer. But if you want to control when your computer uses its partitioning processes, you can do that to some degree.

4. Is Disk cleanup makes the computer faster?

Ans- As a good practice, the IT team at CAL Business Solutions recommends that you do disk cleaning at least once a month. This will delete temporary files, empty the Recycle Bin and delete various files and other unwanted items. By reducing the number of unnecessary and temporary files on your hard drive your computer will work faster. You will especially notice the difference when searching for files.

Follow these 7 Tips on How to speed up your Computer & you will definitely get the result. These were very simple tips/tricks that people don’t do, (so it’s a reminder blog for you). So that you can use your PC or Computer long time; get the most performance out of your machine. If you enjoyed this blog then share this with your friends. That’s all for this blog until the next one. stay safe!

I hope you like this article about the 7 Tips on How to speed up your computer. If this article helps you then share this article on social media. & Thanks for your Support.

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