Foldable Kid’s Buddy-phones Full Review, Buying Guide India 2020

Foldable Kid’s Buddy-phones Full Review, Buying Guide India 2020

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Foldable Kid’s Buddy-phone full review, buying guide India 2020

Foldable Kid's buddy-phones full review, buying guide India 2020

Hi, there today we’re unboxing some volume-limiting headphones. So in this blog, we discuss Kid’s buddy-phone details, Buying Guide & My Opinion. Kid’s buddy-phone is not like normal headphones, this headphone is only for children. So this headphone is very good for your favorite children and its sound does not harm the ears of children like other headphones.

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Kid’s Buddy-Phone comes in a variety of different colors, so I have the blue and the pink here. just to show there are other colors available. They are Bluetooth headphones. It has a 14-hour battery life and a 10-meter wireless range in terms of volume settings. So you can limit it to 75 decibels,85 decibels, and 94 decibels. So very useful here.If you have young kids and you wanted to give them headphones. These are the ultimate wants to give them. Obviously, you don’t want them listening to extreme volumes which kids can tend to do okay.

Foldable Kid's Buddy-phones Full Review, Buying Guide India 2020

let’s take a quick look around the packaging. It comes really nicely packaged details, I’ve mentioned already on the front actually kid’s buddy-phone comes with some stickers. So they can decorate it themselves recommended for ages 3 plus. let’s come round here. There are some different colors you can get the headphones in the sort of show & it’s fully waterproof.

How to adjust the volume side of things?

Foldable Kid's Buddy-phones Full Review, Buying Guide India 2020

So they’re saying you gotta hold on to the plus and minus 4 volume adjustment to change between the different modes in volume limitation, so this is what they’re saying for a toddler 75 decibels, kids mode 85 and 95 in travel mode.
Obviously depends on your requirements. The packaging is very nice even has a foldable front. So you can just open it up and just close it. Just see the actual headphones in there as well as some additional details regarding it there.

Let’s open it up and see what you get in the packaging. Ok, so I’ve laid out all the items you get in packaging. so let quickly go through them one by one. So you’ve got a card that says thanks safe audio for kids if I flip it over we put kids first, kids safe, kid-proof, kid-friendly. Ok next you’ve got a user guide and this is multi-language and some basic details on how to use the actual kid’s buddy-phone.

Next, you’ve got stickers so you can customize the headphones to how you like. So put some stickers on and even write your name or any other words you want to put on there. Next, you’ve got a carry pouch, so reasonably good quality on there all material and you’ve got a pull string with a locking part here. So if you pull that across just to show locks it in place so good think of in a carry pouch. I would have preferred a tougher carry case really rather than a pouch. Obviously keeps them safer.

You’ve got cable for charging the headphones short cable round cable and connector theme of good quality. It’s USB to micro-USB on their good quality and you’ve got an auxiliary cable as well. If I open this up I like the quality of this flat cable just to show and interestingly enough you don’t see this often.

Foldable Kid's Buddy-phones Full Review, Buying Guide India 2020

It’s got the capability of audio sharing. So you can just plug in another set of headphones. You plug this end into your device the other person can plug into there and if we come along that plugs into your kid’s buddy-phone. There’s a button on this side here, so good design and cable quality seem reasonably good on there and I love the fact that you’ve got the audio sharing capability on there.

The actual headphones so nice small compact design to adjustable both sides and there you go in terms of build quality and strength seems reasonably, strong. All plastic key just to know normally the adjusters are metal but on this one, everything is strong plastic. You’ve got some cushioning up here and ample cushioning on here to make it feel very comfortable.

Foldable Kid's buddy-phones full review, buying guide India 2020

If you come in closer just to show microphone point on there, so obviously headphone and mic on there. You’ve got the charge point and then you’ve got the axillary point. Then you’ve got the “On” the button and “Off “ button and “Volume Adjustment” button and then if you hold on to these two at the same time you can actually alternate between the volume limiting options.

If you look on the other one there’s no buttons or any lights or anything calm there they are flexible on the sides as well quite a small set of headphones. Obviously, they are just for kids you wouldn’t really give this to an adult I’ve tried them on and quite short for myself. So not really suitable for adults.

There you go good build quality to them and nice strong plastic all the way around the headphone. The headphones can be folded and put into the carry bag it comes with. So put kid’s buddy-phone in the bag and ample room to put the additional cables in as well and then you’ve got a string which I’ve already shown at the top. You just pull that and obviously close it tight like so so good design and it can’t fit quite nicely into a bag.

How to connect the kid’s Buddy-phone to the phone?

Foldable Kid's Buddy-phones Full Review, Buying Guide India 2020

Let’s make a start and set up the headphones and pair it to our Android phone or IOS. So on the side the middle button, if I hold onto that for a moment. I just heard it say waiting for connecting. So it’s waiting to be paired.

Now so if I put that down go to my Android device or IOS and turn on BlueTooth okay pair with buddy phones play let’s click “OK” to that and there you go is connected simply like that to pair. Now the headphones are paired via Bluetooth.

BuddyPhone volume Settings:-

Keep your eye on the side of the headphone. It actually gives you an indication of the actual mode it’s in for the actual volume limitation. If you watch it just two lights flashed and they’re two green lights, that’s in toddler mode. So that’s five decibels.

If I press these two buttons at the same time go to three lights and that’s indicating kids mode and then if I do it again you see all the lights come on and that’s travel mode and if I do it one more time and that’s alternating. You can sort of keeping an eye what’s setting they’re on. In case they are fiddling around with it realized how to increase the volume. So good indication there that it’s actually in the mode you expect it to be. If I flip it again it’s gone back to toddler mode, so very simple to change between the volume limiting options.

Play & Paused Settings:-

The next thing to mention the buttons on the side, so if I press the middle one it’s paused the music and if I press it again it’s playing the music. You fight press volume you say max volume, you can increase or you can decrease as well if you watch the phone decreases increases and if you hold on to it. If you watch the track tracks flipped over to the next one. If you hold on to the bottom one goes back to the previous track. So you can control it via the buttons on the side so which is great functionality.

Sound Quality of  Kid’s Buddy-phone:-

It’s the next I’m gonna actually test out the headphones and see what the sound quality is like. So I’ve had a test of listening to some music by the headphones. The headphone sound quality is really good. I’ve changed some equalizer settings and alternated between different treble. Mid-range and bass settings on there and the sound quality was very good. No distortion in any way. I had it on maximum volume as well in terms of the voice limiting side of things and even on my phone had it on maximum. It didn’t feel as loud as other headphones. I’ve used but the sound quality was very good.

It’s the next we’re gonna test out the volume limiting on these kid’s buddy-phone. It’s got my sound level meter, if I go quiet for a moment, ambient noise levels in the room are about 34 decibels I’ve got the noise. They want me to write in the actual headphones and the settings are on the minimum at the moment. So they’re in toddler mode switch, so the maximum should be anything more than 75 decibels allowed. It’s unpaused music.

Music isn’t maximum yeah there you go the 40s,50s, 60s sort of limiting and flashing twice or two lights are on. If I go to the next mode should see three lights there. You go give it a moment slightly louder and lawyers leakage. I can hear a little bit of noise coming off, their values a higher. Press it again and that’s a maximum there you go seems to work well.

There you go so it 279. So good you’re able to actually control this and actually avoid your child or someone else’s child actually playing music or any sort of noise, through the headphones at a ridiculously loud volume.

Charging Setup:-

It’s the next let me show the device charging, so very straightforward I’ve got the charging cable to plug it into the slot and then plug the other end into a power brick. It doesn’t come with a power brick I’ve got my own here and I’ve got a power strip at the side plug the in there you go that’s what you see the lights flashing to indicate is charging. It looks like it’s about 50% capacity at the moment.

Cable Durability:-

let’s test out the auxiliary cables. It’s very straightforward the one with the additional connector on there and just plugs that into your device and the other end plugs straight into your headphones and you just turn them off. So they’re not in Bluetooth mode and you can just hit play. The cable of this kid’s buddy-phone is really very good.

Now once it’s connected you don’t have control over the noise limiting factor. It’s set to a reasonable volume on there. If I press the buttons none of them work either. Now if I press the button here actually pauses the music and plays. So that’s the only option you have available via the cable.

#My Opinion about Kid’s Buddy-phone

One of the good things about these kid’s Buddy-phone, it will actually tell you it’s turned on it’s powering off or it needs pairing or if it’s at maximum volume. So just to show you the actual voice that you’re presented with.

Place it over the earpiece and if I turn the headphones on turn on all right waiting for connecting connected to Mac well yeah and if I hold on to it now during off there you go so indicators of what’s going on so good bit of functionality from these kid’s buddy-phone. So you’ve seen the unboxing and setup all these volume-limiting headphones.

I’ve opened up the other pack the pink pack just to give you an idea of what the stickers are like and the cables. cables are actually white I was expecting this to be pink but no biggy really still looks great and the build quality is the same as the ones in the blue packet. In terms of functionality, I think it’s a great pair of headphones for kids.

The sound quality is really good on there the fact. It works like standard Bluetooth headphones where you can skip track and change volume and even answer a call on there, so quite interesting how the functionalities. Same as other Bluetooth headphones but obviously the bonus being the volume limiting factor on theirs.

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