Charge Zero World’s #1 Battery-Free Technology 6-in-1 Automatic Body Composition/Fat Analyzer Smart Personal Digital Weighing Scale for Measure BMI Index, Fat %, Water %, Muscle %, Bone Mass (White)

Best Automatic Personal Digital Weighing Scale in 2020 India

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Automatic Smart Personal Digital Weighing Scale in India 2020Automatic Smart Personal Digital Weighing Scale in India 2020Automatic Smart Personal Digital Weighing Scale in India 2020

Weighing Scale gives you perfect information about your health & fitness, which helps you to know your body weight. Bodyweight control is very important for fatty people & also health-conscious peoples. Today here in this content we’ll talk about the latest digital weighing scale which makes you & your favorite one happy.

Digital Bathroom Scale is a good product to monitor your health & it helps you to track your fitness, health goals. So investing in a digital scale is a great idea & offers great bonus features.  At this present time, There are so many in the market. But Charge Zero is the best product right now in the market. This product is linked up to smartphone apps that help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight is an important thing which makes or destroys your fitness & health journey. It is good to track your weight regularly. Buying a Digital scale is a great deal to reach your fitness goals (Just remember to always take readings on a flat, even surface to get the best measurements!).

Charge Zero is a Smart Digital Bathroom Scale with a unique Battery-Free Technology. Built with Precise Weight Measurement Sensors giving you correct results each time. Digital Weighing Scale is easy to use for all people & gives an accurate measurement. For your family members health, you can check more products, but in this post, we discuss about Digital Weighing Scale.

Features of Charge Zero Digital Weighing Scale:-

Essential body metrics:-

Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and BMI. No of profiles storage: 4.


Charge Zero Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale comes with 5 mm thick tempered glass with curved edges and anti-skid finish ensuring safety & large LCD display ensuring clear and simple reading of body weight & other measurements


Charge Zero uses the unique Piezoelectric Effect so there is no need for any battery or charging! You simply need to press the charge zero button 4-5 times to power-up the device. Enter your height, age, and gender data to create the profile and stand on the machine until it analyzes your body compositions and gives the results in seconds. It is a convenient way to manage health metrics for the whole family and track your health goals!


Designed in Germany. Charge Zero is a sturdy and reliable Smart Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale. We offer service support all across India.

SERVICE & WARRANTY:- Charge Zero comes with a 6-month warranty on manufacturing defects to ensure quality.

How we use Zero Digital Weighing Scale:-

  1. Press/Push the charge Zero Patented Button 4-5 times to power-up Charge Zero. (Remember the more times you push, longer will Charge Zero remain powered-up.)
  2. Using the numbers 1(+),2(-),3(=),4() you can set your and fill in details like Age, Gender, Weight Unit, and Height. Refer User manual for more details.
  3. Stand steady on the scale with your feet touching the steel till the loading sign is complete.
  4. You can now view your different body metrics being flashed one after the other.

Customers Reviews:-

Read the Reviews for better experience & customers personal views. Click Here for Reviews.

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