Advised Fingertip Smart Bluetooth Oximeter India 2020

  • 1.Very Quick Testing. One Button Operation.
  • 2.Smart Auto Shutdown.
  • 3.The SpO2 & Heart Rate Measurement.
  • 4.Soft Silica Gel Finger Mold.
  • 5.Precise Infrared Based Measurement.
  • 6.Rotatable multi-directional display.
  • 7.LED Display for Clear Results.
  • 8.Perfect for Home Use.
  • 9.Lightweight & Portable.


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Advised Fingertip Smart Bluetooth Oximeter India 2020:-

Stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors may be the most recognizable medical devices we have, but fingertip smart Bluetooth oximeters are second only to commonly used medical devices.

The Pulse Oximeter, or Pulse Ax, measures the oxygen-rich blood (SPO2) in your body, allowing medical professionals to determine how much oxygen your body is carrying to vital organs and tissues.

What is Fingertip Smart Bluetooth Oximeters?

The pulse oximeter is a small, lightweight device used to monitor the amount of oxygen in the body. This noninvasive tool connects your fingers painlessly, allowing you to send two wavelengths of light through your finger to measure your pulse rate and how much oxygen is in your system.

Once the fingertip smart Bluetooth oximeter has completed its assessment, its screen displays the percentage of oxygen in the blood coming from your heart as well as your current pulse rate. This article explains the importance of the measurements provided by the Pulse Oximeter and how they affect you.

However, be careful. Most cheap models found on the internet do not make it big enough to measure accurately. They are labeled “for recreational use” and do not give you the measurements you need. Data storage, auto on-off & durability are some important factors which important for oximeter.

We find the best of FingerTrip Smart Bluetooth Oximeter designed to provide accurate results and peace of mind, including the night-wear, value, and budget-friendly Jacquard Pro series.

Benefits of Fingertip Smart Bluetooth Oximeter:-

  • Monitors oxygen saturation over time.
  • Be aware of dangerously low oxygen levels, especially in newborns.
  • Provides peace of mind for those with chronic breathing or heart conditions.
  • Estimation of supplemental oxygen requirements.
  • Monitors oxygen saturation levels in people under anesthesia.
  • Signs of dangerous side effects in people taking drugs that affect breathing or oxygen saturation.

Are oximeters useful for coronavirus?

In the Covid-19 pandemic fingertip, a Smart Bluetooth Oximeter is a small tool That helps you to know about your COVID-19  status( means you are affected or not affected by coronavirus). But don’t think oximeter is a COVID-19 test kit. Basically, Oximeter measures the oxygen ratio on blood. When the human body affected by the virus, the oxygen level of the human body goes down. So, you can easily check your health status & aware of the Corona Virus.

Fingertip Smart Oximeter Details:-

  • It has a battery and a display monitor; A probe, which consists of a light-emitting diode or LED and a light detector called a photo-detector. This probe understands the nerve of the user.
  • There are two critical readings pulse rate, recorded as beats per minute (60 to 100 safe range); And oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood, the reading of which is recorded as SpO2).
  • Typical readings range from 95% to 100%; If anything is low, and the consumer should seek medical help from a physician. If your oximeter has alarms, the typical reading will turn them off.


  • Easy Operation & Quick Result – One-Button operation mode and very quick testing time of 5 – 20 seconds. Painless infrared measurement.
  • Multi Details Measurement – Fingertip Smart Oximeter Not only measures the blood oxygen saturation level but the smart care pulse oximeter also measures Pulse Rate & Pulse Intensity.
  • Multi-Directional Display – Humanized detail design with 2 color display can read different gestures in different directions accurately. Also Shows heart rate details as a graph and as a bar.
  • Light, Compact & Long Lasting – Weighing only 50g & having 2 AAA batteries, it accommodates a wide range of finger sizes and smart shutdown saves energy to last long.
  • Extensive Uses – Fingertip Smart Oximeter is widely used in clinics, hospitals, old age home care, social medical organizations, emergency transportation, first aid treatments, and home care institutions.

Very Quick Testing. One Button Operation. Smart Auto Shutdown.The SpO2 & Heart Rate Measurement. Soft Silica Gel Finger Mold. The Black Color model is an affordable economy model. Precise Infrared Based Measurement.

Rotatable multi-directional display. LED Display for Clear Results. Perfect for Home Use. Lightweight & Portable.

Asked Questions:-

  • Is it made in China?

Ans: Yes, it’s made in china

  • Is Smart Bluetooth Oximeter CE certified?

Ans: Yes

  • is it FDA approved?

Ans: No

  • Can I get it to form original Arcatron Mobility’s?

Ans: Yes


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